Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quake3 has been ported to Flash!

Quake3 using FlasCC:
Updated source code for Flash Player 11:

I'm sure this will happen sooner or later, but never expected that it will be so quick.
Quake3 has already been ported to Flash!
This port use alchemy and molehill API and is fully playable.
More details & Play it online:

And I uploaded everything, the compiled swf, source code from the author and quake3 demo data files, in a zip to rayfile,
you can download it here(144MB): 
The above link is dead. You can now use Mirror Link provided by [] to download the all-in-one zip package:

You may need
Flash Player Incubator Debugger Standalone Version(win32/EXE)


  1. Hello Bruce,

    Quick question, which Alchemy, Flex and JRE version did you use to compile the sources? I'm having several errors, including strange syntax errors. I'm using GCC 4.

  2. @: Anonymous,
    I haven't tried to compile the C code. But I think, to compile the C code for the swc, you need to use the SDK for alchemy, that's Flex SDK 3.2. And to compile the FlashDevelop project for the swf, you need to use the latest Flex SDK (4.5.1). Make sure you installed alchemy correctly - test it by whether you can compile other alchemy projects.

  3. - 404 error

  4. @Anonymous: use the SVN link:
    The rayfile link is expired and the files there are outdated.