Thursday, July 24, 2008

STALKER flash - project by F.L.A.S.W.F

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - one of the best games I ever played now comes to flash.
This is a project by my z-ground engine .

Z-Ground is the world creator of F.L.A.S.W.F ; it is used to set up and display objects in
a fake 3D space.

Z-Ground has nothing to do with any 3D engine (like papervision ,swfz, away3D , sandy or alternativa 3D ) and flash-10's 3D support . It looks like Wolfenstein 3-D or old Doom , so it has lots of limitations , you can't look freely at any angle but at some static angles.
It is not real 3D and it doesn't use ray-casting nor voxel rendering technology.

The main technology is 3D slice engine.
Actually , it is a further development of mode-7 and z-mapping .

Here are some pics of what I have done . What I'm doing now is optimization.

Real swf demos is coming soon and I will upload the source some time later!
Main features of Z-Ground (v-0.0001):

  1. Pseudo-3D with Y-axis rotation support:3D displacement ground and scrolling paramatic background.(v-1.0000)
  2. Room creator:add textured walls and ceilings.(v-1.0000)
  3. Z-sorting and Clipping.(v-1.0000)
  4. Inter-activative environment: 3D-Movie Clip & Sprite.(v-1.0000)
  5. 3D slice objects.(v-1.0000)
  6. Dynamic lighting and shadows.(v-1.0000)
  7. 2.5 D skeleton animation characters(v-0.0001)(powered by X-bone engine ( v-0.0001 ) - character studio of F.L.A.S.W.F )
Further development:
  1. More inter-activation(v-0.0000)
  2. Collision detection(v-0.0000)
  3. Bump map and bump lighting(v-0.0001)
  4. Terrain rendering(v-0.0001)
  5. Tunnel effect (v-0.0000)
  6. Free view change-look up & down screen rotation and shaking(v-0.0000)
  7. Physics simulation(v-0.0000)
A Free Version of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl: