Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jquery Turn on/off Lights Effect

I found the script to create simple turn on/off lights effect for web pages here:
It use jquery to achieve the effect. The idea is to create a css as the light which covers the page.
However, the original script has several problems:
1. The light can only cover the screen, not the full page.
2. Links and texts are not selectable.
3. Embeded swf will be covered.

The solution to the first problem:
For the second, there is a fix in the comments below there. And the third one, for swf, I defined a new css which will not be covered (higher z-index) and use jquery to change its background to black when turning off the lights.

The final enhanced version:
Source Code
(Scroll down to the bottom of page, click Lights off/Soft lights/Lights on to see the effect, right click to view source.)


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free SWF Encryptor, Obfuscator and Protectors!

1. Makc3d's open source SWF obfuscator written in AS3 (WTFPLv2):

2. SOB: Open Source SWF Obfuscator.
Can replace the strings in the SWF/ABC string table with random strings.
Source Code (C):

3. Action Script 3 Obfuscator: Python script that takes in a single .as file and makes it hard to decipher.

4. SWF File Obfuscator:
Source Code:

5. SWFLOCK: Online service to do domain lock, trial period and password protection, now free.

6. Flash Protection Gold: Packing, domain locking and can add preloaders for your swf, now free.

7. Flash Free Protection: A free tool that protect your flash files.

8. OBFU: A Flash Action Script obfuscator:
This software is really outdated, but its source code (C, GPL) may be useful. The junk opcodes insertion method is the classical way for cheating decompilers.

9. Actionscript Obfuscator: Flasm based, for AS1,2 only.

10. Actionscript Source Obfuscator:
Obfuscates multiple Actionscript 3.0 source files by remaning all that can be renamed.

11. Flasturbate:
A open source SWF obfuscator based on RABCDAsm.


1. Способы «защиты» flash-приложений
(Ways to «protect» flash-applications, in Russian.
Try Google Translate!)

2. Pack a SWF:

3. Junk instructions insertion method explained:

4. [Tutorial] Applying ROT128 Encryption On Embedded/Module SWFs:

5. [Tutorial] Domain Locking SWFs and Preventing SWFs From Running Locally:
FusionLock – Simple SiteLock AS3 package:

6. Anti-Cheat Methods
Keep the CheateEngine out of your Flash Online Games:
Secure Your SWF Files Against the Cheat Engine:

7. An Introduction to SWF Obfuscation:

8. Advanced protection of Adobe AIR content:

9. More: