Thursday, June 14, 2012

Destructor - Voxel based FPS game power by Bengine for the 7DFPS!

Voxel based First Person Shooter created in Flash.

Destroy the world as much as you can! Less voxels remaining means higher score rank.
No enemies, no life bars, no bullets & time limits, just enjoy the shooting in the fully destructible environment. Be a Destructor!

Use "portals" (holes) on the ground to go to higher place.

Aim/Shoot: Left Mouse
Move/View: WSAD QEZX/Arrow Keys
Jump: Space
Pause Game: Enter (You can submit your scores in the pause menu.)

Download the SWF:

I've wanted to create a FPS game using Bengine since two years ago when I released the game "Bengine Race". Bengine was designed for FPS games but there was only one experimental "Racing" game made using it. The fact is that I didn't drop Bengine, I'm still developing on it silently when I have time. There were several new versions of the engine I used for the game "Bengine Race". I named them as "PBengine", "ASPBengine" and finally "ReBengine". In ASPBengine, I ported many Bengine's C code to AS3, such as the code for physics and controls, only leave the rendering core in C for speed. This game "Destructor" uses ReBengine, where "Re" stands for "Revert" instead of "Revision". For a long time I tried to optimize the engine for maximum speed at the cost of the graphics' quality. And when ASPBengine can run at above 60 FPS, I realized that the aliasing is intolerable. The low resolution of the original "Bengine" is already intolerable to many players, so I revert the rendering algorithm to the original "Bengine" and that's what "ReBengine" means.

ReBengine should be a litter faster than the original Bengine, though they use similar rendering algorithm. One difference is that ReBengine has more AS3, so it is much easier to compile and test. And the milestone is that ReBengine has a fully scriptable in-game voxel world editor, which is still under development.

Thanks to 7DFPS, it gives me a good motivation to make such a simple experimental FPS game. 7 days are enough for a good game, if you can work full time on it. It's a pity that I don't have much free time here to make my game complete. When I started, the rendering engine with simple physics was almost done, but there was still much to do for a game engine. I spent several days' free time and finished the game framework as well as the shooting prototype, and integrated them with Bengine. Running out of time for map design, I borrowed the map from Bengine Race. Hope you will enjoy it.

Credits: (for whatever helped to develop this game)
Adobe Alchemy
Boostworthy Animation System
Mochi Service

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Source Code of the Game - Wolf5k Flash

Description: A fast paced First Person Shooter. Classic FPS game Wolfenstein3D like first pernson shooting game.
Remake of Wolf5K in Flash.
Objective: Eliminate all enemies in the level to go to next level.
This game has infinite number of levels.
Enter key to view time, level, enemies left, total kills, life and score.
Mouse Move: Move
W/up: move forward
S/down: move back
Q/left: turn left
E/right: turn right
A/Z: strafe left
D/X: strafe right
Space/Right Click: shoot
Enter: pause game/view game status
M: show/hide map

Source Code:

Special Thanks to: