Sunday, February 15, 2015

CuBengine Ported to OpenFL - New Demo Rendering Voxelstein3D's Map at Full Size

Finally, I finished porting my CuBengine prototype to OpenFL, so the engine now supports more platforms instead of Flash only. Here are some screen shots from the Windows binary, showing the engine rendering the Voxelstein3D's map. Different from the old demo of the original Bengine, which is rendering a scaled Voxelstein3D's map with size 256x256x64, in this new demo, CuBengine is rendering the map with full size (1024x1024x256). This is one advantage of CuBengine over Bengine - Bengine use the raw voxel data format so it only support maximum map size of 256^3, while CuBengine can support very large voxel map with a compressed format, and the maximum size can be 65536^3, subject to hardware limits.

You can download the Win-32 build at