Saturday, January 31, 2009

terrain rendering in flash(draft)

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I do like playing with terrains.
Generally there are two ways of rendering terrains or landscapes, the first one is called voxel, the second one is using 3D triangles.
There are difference between the two ways, both in theory and the result.
Many flashers did some very impressive experiments about terrains by action script.
1.A great one was Electric Oyster 's flash flight simulator over the arctic.
The swf is based on their own 3D engine-Electric 3D engine using tiangles way to render the terrain.
Great texture and rendering speed!

P.S.Anyone who want an standalone (off-line) vision,just go to your Temporary Internet Files’ folder,copy the files ‘Main.swf’and‘data_lq.bin’ out, save them where you want.(don’t change the name of the second one,keep it ‘data_lq.bin’)-play ‘Main.swf
for full screen version it will be 'data_hq.bin'
you may need to take care of flash player's security problems.
2. away 3D greenpalnt demo more than just landscape, very impressive!
3. Den Ivanov did lots of beautiful experiment on terrain.
The most famous one is his land craft simulator in flash 8.
He also did other simple voxel terrain with source their
But PaperTerrain : using another approach papervision 3D
And triangles.(with source)
(sorry, can't find the original link...)
We can easily see the difference of final result:
Voxel is much more month, on the other hand you can recognize the triangles
4.SWFZ TerrainLoadingTest link) (backup)
Based on Joho’s powerful flash 3D engine.
5.Unit Zero One 3d voxel landscapes
6.isaac 's flash voxel engine:
voxel land(with source)

15.iso terrain
16.Papervision Mesh3D Terrain Map Simplification - Proof of Concept

This one shows how triangle works.
18.perlin terrain 3d study 1&2


all source can be found here:
2009-January 25 lines contest: Entry-008
Petri Leskinen's flight 25 (source)
2008-November / December 25 lines contest: Entry-068
oaxoa's voxel terrain
2008-November / December 25 lines contest: Entry-005

2008-November / December 25 lines contest: Entry-027
Piergiorgio Niero's Random Terrain 3D Generator
2008-November / December 25 lines contest: Entry-064
Daniil Tutubalin's Bottle Glass Mountains(in Finalists)
27.bit-101's terrain
Spider Defense:
terrain 2d:

lots of linescapes there!
28.Andre Michelle's mode7 terrain:
1.Perlin Noise and Dynamic Terrain Generation
1.Generating Random Fractal Terrain
2. Voxel terrain engine(tutorial with c++ source)
3. Book: Focus On 3D Terrain Programming (Game Development)
My work 1 pixel style
2triangle perlin/3/color
Zground 3d slic/zground traingle
Voxel terrain ?