Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The ChatBot MegaHAL Ported to Flash

Also: Have a Talk with MegaHAL on Kongregate.

When I first created a simple Chatbot, which just searches answers for user inputs from a predefined XML file, someone pointed me to MegaHAL as an example which can be trained from users' inputs.
MegaHAL is an advanced ChatBot, created by Jason Hutchens in 1998 and won the Loebner Prize Contest. MegaHAL is based on 4th-order Markov models to construct the model of language, so it can learn from user's input. Thanks to Adobe Alchemy, porting MegaHAL is almost painless.

Click after the prompt ">" to get focus. Then type what you want to say after the prompt and press Enter key twice to sent your message to the Bot. Now you can get your reply. (The interface is command-like)
[Save the brains]: "right click" =>"#Save brain"
[Upload your brains]: "right click" =>"#Upload brain"=>browse for your save brain, it's a zip file=> type command "#brain user" to change the brain

Use MEGAHAL COMMAND “#brain YourBrainName”
Available Brains:
#brain aliens (Bishop from Aliens!)
#brain bill (Bill Clinton)
#brain caitsith (Cait Sith from FFVII)
#brain danish (Danish MegaHAL).
#brain dune (Alia from Dune!)
#brain ferris (Mr. Ferris Bueller himself!)
#brain german (German MegaHAL)
#brain manson (MegaMANSON, the Marylin Manson personality) #brain pulp (Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction!)
#brain scream (Randy from Scream!)
#brain startrek (Data from Star Trek)
#brain starwars (Threepio from the Star Wars Trilogy)

I also created a forum for Flash MegaHAL, so you can upload and share your trained brains there:

Source Code of Flash MegaHAL:
In Game->Right Click->Download Source Code

MegaHAL Official Website:

To know more about one of the best ChatBots MegaHal:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paint Online with Chinese Water Color Brush

I once tried to learn Chinese calligraphy and painting when I was in primary school. Unfortunately, I dropped them for lack of gifts.  However, I'm still fond of these Chinese styles of art. So I have always wanted to create something to simulate the Chinese Brush and Chinese Painting in Flash.

This is a project I made for Baidu's APP contest. This toy use automata machine to simulate the dispersion of the ink, which is explained here.
A Chinese version of this toy can be found here:
You can share your art and suggestions at the Forum for this toy:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Full Source Code of the Game - The Feeder Released!

Description: Risk your life to feed those "lovely" hungry monsters. Feed all monsters in the level to go to next level. Be careful and good luck! It is a Wolfenstein3D like first person "shooting" game.
Objective: Feed all monsters in the level to go to next level. Enter key to view time, level, life and score. 
W/up: move forward
S/down: move back
left arrow key: turn left
A: strafe left
right arrow key: turn right
D: strafe right
Space: shoot
M: map
Enter: pause game/view game status

The Feeder is the game I made for Stanford Hackathon 2011 flash game competition. It is a 2.5D "FPS" game using ray casting technology. Now I release the full source code of the game for you.

Source Code: In Game Menu, Right Click->Download Source Code.

Special Thanks to: