Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BNote - A Free Online Simple Application for Taking Handwriting Notes

BNote is a simple note-taking app based on the the smooth drawing application by Dan Gries at http://www.flashandmath.com. The application is specially designed for touch enabled screen notebooks/tablets to take handwriting notes.


Smooth Strokes: Thanks to the smooth drawing function by Dan Gries.
Double Input Modes: Pen Input Mode for multi-touch enabled devices and Mouse Input Mode for non-touch screens.
Experimental Software Palm Rejection: Based on input pad, allowing users to rest part of their hands on the screen. Works only in Pen Input Mode and designed for capacitive touchscreen devices without hardware palm detection function and build-in stylus support.

Note the current release (Version 0.1) may contain bugs and deficiencies. Report of bugs, suggestions and feature requests are welcomed, just leave a comment below!

User Guides:

Writing: The app will switch between Pen Input Mode and Mouse Input Mode according to whether the device supports multi-touch mode.
For the Mouse Input Mode, you can use the mouse to write the notes just as any common graffiti board app.
For the Pen Input Mode, you can use a stylus or your finger to write on the board. The input pad (transparent circle) is the area where input/strokes will be accepted while any moves of pen or finger outside the input pad will not produce any stroke on the canvas. This is how the palm rejection works. This allows you to rest part of your hand on the screen, however, too much part of palm on the screen may prevent the app from detecting any moves inside the input pad. So if you find that you can't write anything inside the input pad (while the pen tip is out), try to lift your hand off the screen a bit to let the input pad get focus. It is recommended to use a small point tip stylus pen instead of rubber nib, such as Adonit JOT pro/mini for better writing experience.
How to move the input pad (for Pen Input Mode): During the writing when you want to reposition the input pad (e.g., when starting a new line), tap the pen icon (above the input pad) to stretch back the pen tip. Now you're in protection mode and you can tap any place to move the input pad there. Finally tap the pen icon to stretch out the tip and you can write again.
Settings: Tap the setting icon in the top-right corner to open the setting menu. In the setting menu you can Load/Save notes as a .png picture, switch to full screen, change pen color and thickness, undo last stroke and erase the notes.


Smooth drawing application by By Dan Gries (dan@flashandmath.com)
UI Framework: JiuGongGeUI-v0.1 By Bruce Jawn
Icon Artist: Austin Andrews (@templarian)


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