Monday, March 28, 2011

Donating One FDT 4 Pure License Key(expired)


The license key has been sent to the lucky one. I wish I had more keys to share... Thanks for everyone who sents me emails. For the others, I suggest you to try the open source alternative Emacs and FlashDevelop.

Best Wishes!

As a participant of Stanford Hackathon 2011 flash game competition, I got one FDT 4 Pure license key donated by Bruno Fonzi of FDT ($129 value).

However, I have no plan to use this software since I work along well with Emacs and FlashDevelop. So I decide to donate this license key for who really needs it.

Just sent me a request email(you can find my email address in my blog profile) if you are interested in FDT. I will randomly sample one from those who send me emails and this one will get the license key for free!

I will stop accepting request emails after 2011 April 15, so be quick if you need it. Good luck!

More about FDT 4: (The Eclipse plugin for Flash/ActionScript/MXML)

Update 2011/09/05: Full source code of my game for Stanford Hackathon 2011 flash game competition released!

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