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2019 December 08
Switched to SolveMedia CAPTCHA, because CryptoLOOT proof-of-work CAPTCHA is not working properly after the Monero RandomX fork.

2019 March 14
Switched to CryptoLOOT proof-of-work CAPTCHA as CoinHive is closing its service.

2019 January 30
Switched syntax highlighter for source code in blog posts from an old version of SyntaxHighlighter to a modern and lightweight one Prism.js. GitHubGist is good for embedding long source code but is not suitable for many pieces of short code in a single post.

2017 November 1
Switched to CoinHive proof-of-work CAPTCHA to fight spam.

2017 March 31 was closed. My old AS3/Flash experiments on wonderfl have been archived here:

2015 March 12
Google Code closed so FLASWF code project ( will now redirect to Google Code Archive All old downloads are available at svn link (which includes new source code downloads) was also dead, please go to instead.

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  1. My Current Projects:
    1. CuBegine: Software Rendering 2.5D/3D Voxel Game Engine. Haxe & OpenFL.

    2. BED: 3D Voxel Object Editor. Flash & AS3.

    3. PixelMachine & TALE: 2.5D Pixel Style ARPG Game Engine. Haxe & OpenFL.

    4. XBone & PCF3D: 2.5D/3D Skeletal Based Animation Engine. Flash & AS3 (Editor), Haxe & OpenFL (Runtime).