Friday, August 1, 2008

Rpixel3d release -another way to 3D!

This is something I wanted to do since 2005, but started and finished half an year ago.This is an final vision because I won't have time to do with it any more.

I am sorry that this work is not effective at all, be careful of your CPU if your use a larger picture! We all know that 3d for pixels can't be used for real time 3d textures now. However, I do like its simplicity. You can use it for small pictures or in pre-rendered 3D movies if you like.Maybe you will write an flash-10 vision, use the new Vector3D class instead of Robert Penner's old one, to test the speed.

The difference:
Rpixel3d:Map every texel to a pixel.(SLOW)
Real3d:Map every pixel to a texel.(FAST)

The only useful thing here is how to fix fishbowl distortion.If you only use BitmapData setpixel() to draw 3D transform, there will be annoying gaps between pixels.The trick is to use a Shape and drawRect() or lineTo() and then a Bitmap to draw() that Shape back.

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