Monday, August 25, 2008

ray tracing in AS3.0

Flash 3D中最强的光影效果-光线追踪(点击展开中文翻译)

Recently I trying ray tracing in action script. Some ray tracer in flash I know is :
1.Strille’s raytracer_f9(nice effect, source not available ):

2.Forrest Briggs’ Real Time Ray Tracer in AS3(simple but effective):

3.non real time ray-tracing in flash-mx(flash-6):
(more controls, you can add light source, sphere, set texture)
Ross Richardson (simple and open source)
Ross Richardson’s source:

I rewrite Forrest Briggs’s source and add some controls(arrow &space&shift key to move the camera)and fake textures.


I also write one using the new Vector3D class for flash 10,but speed down to 3~5 fps! By the way, all above is mostly about Ray-tracing spheres so I also write one Ray-tracing triangle using Barycentric coordinate.

ray-tracing triangles
ray-tracing bump mapping
open source ray-tracing engine based on c++
The Basics of Raytracing
Another Raytracing experiment based on Forrest Briggs's work:
ASTrace Raytracing Library (Open Source, AS3)

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