Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3d slice engine in AS3.0


Ant Eden designed the 3D slice engine long ago, which extends the concept by rotating and scaling the slices in flash mx.

It's a pity I got to know that wonderful engine only about one year ago.
I'm sorry to found that not many people are talking about 3d slice nowadays.
"We already have more powerful 3d engine why waste time on those out-of-data & less effective stuffs?"

But it's really powerful when you want to make a 2D image looks like 3D.
Check the work in .
I'm sure no other flash 3d engine can make those works in such an easy way.

I really like this simple and useful tools,It's easy to understand and use. So if you want to make an eye that can move, create a face looks like 3D without 3D modeling, or if you don't want to use some 3D engine too complicated for your to understand, I recommend you to try it.

Good things should never die, so here is one example in AS3.0. I rewrite the original mx code, please don't fool me for my dirty code.

My 3d slice eye in AS3.0, source here or you may want to check the result first.

If you know nothing about 3D slice. Here is a simple tutorial by Ant Eden.
you can still find the source code of the book
'Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted'(flash mx)
here , include source files of most flash related to 3D slice engine you see in
and finally, link to the old book:
"Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted"

Read the book online:

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