Saturday, January 24, 2015

Destructor 2015 - The Updated FPS Game Based on Bengine with Source Code

Destructor is the voxel based FPS game power by Bengine I made for the 7DFPS in 2012. Since Mochi Media was down, high score submission doesn't work any more. Recently, I finally updated the game and cleaned up the source code for a new release. This re-release comes with updated control, and on screen joystick for windows/android tablets. I also implemented high score submission using the newgrounds, kongregate and gamersafe API.

Play the game here:

Source Code (SVN, code only):

Source Code with Assets (All in one package): TO DO.


Music: Theme Crystalized by Ove Melaa [CC-BY 3.0]:
and see also

Explosion effect forked from

Note: To compile the C source code to Bengine.swc, you may need the old Adobe Alchemy compiler. (You can find the backup download here.)

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