Saturday, September 2, 2017

Watercolor Brush --- Online Version Released!

Finally, I decide it is time to release the "Watercolor Brush" online version to public. You can now try it here: 

"Watercolor Brush" is a simple watercolor painting tool I developed in 2011 using Flash/AS3. The first version (2011 Chinese version) was no longer available online. I made some updates shortly after the first version was online, and then uploaded it to Kongregate. But I didn't publish this "new" version at that time and gradually forgot about it. With the recent announcement from Adobe to end-of-life Flash in 2020, and with no plan to further update it, I think now I should release it to public before Flash vanishes. This "new" version integrates Kongregate API so you can submit and save your painting online. If there could ever be a newer version, I guess it will be recreated using OpenFL/Haxe and compiled to HTML5.

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