Wednesday, December 31, 2014

RealBengine Ported to OpenFL

Quite a long time since I released the first demo of RealBengine, which is written in HaXe and based on NME. Now I ported the demo to the newest OpenFL, almost with no extra effort. The good thing is now it can compile to the HTML5 target directly, thanks to jgranick's setPixels fix for the HTML5 target:

RealBengine is the candidate of the future version of my voxel render Bengine, it is based on software ray tracing and it has 6 degree of freedom.

However, there is almost no noticeable performance improvement from NME to OpenFL. The Win32 binary still runs at 10~15 FPS, Flash target is about 5 FPS, and HTML5 target is only 0~1 FPS, so lots of optimizations are needed. I'm planning to re-implement to algorithm in LIME/GLSL shaders for a speedup.

DEMO (Win32 binary):


W/S Arrow UP/Down - Move Forward/Back
Arrow Left/Right - Move Left/Right
Q/E - Move Up/Down
A/D - Look Up/Down


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