Monday, November 10, 2014

JiuGongGe.swc - JiuGongGe UI for Flash AS3 Projects

For using the JiuGongGe UI in your Flash/AS3 projects, here is the pre-compiled swc file:
An example FlashDevelop project:

To use "JiuGongGe.swc", first add the swc file to your project's library (path). Since the swc is built directly from original HaXe source code, there're two requirements:
1. Your main class must be a sub-class of "MovieClip" instead of "Sprite".
2. Add the following code before using the "JGG" class:


Check the post for how to using the UI library - most of the HaXe code in the post also works in Flash. Note that the function "Assets.getText()" and "Assets.getBitmapData()" are provided by OpenFL, so you may need to embed the assets in your AS3 code like the example Flash project.

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