Thursday, August 14, 2014

AS3 Eval/Scripting Engines

AS3 Scripting Lib:

Compile AS3/JavaScript at runtime within the Flash Player
Execute compiled code in the scope of any object
Control which classes and functions are exposed to the script domain

The D.eval API brings the eval() functionality to ActionScript3 programming.

Runtime expression evaluation in ActionScript:

ActionScript 3 Mathematics Expression Parser:

Lua for Flash: (Lua for Flash via Alchemy) (Lua for Flash via CrossBridge) (Another Lua for Flash port using CrossBridge) (Lua for Flash in pure AS3)

ActionScript 3 Eval Library:
As3Eval is a library that packages the Tamarin ESC compiler to work within a run-of-the-mill flash player.

Governor is a script engine written in AS3. It provides all functions and operators you know from AS3; operators, math functions, math constants. Additionally it provides multithreading functionality for parallel execution of code. !The flash player is design as a single thread application, so governor is providing green threads!

BISE Scripting Engine:(Recommended)
The AS2-based engine could run a subset of ECMAScript, and it allowed users to write interpreted scripting for Flash games or applications. It also had some useful features, such as coroutines, a type of function that had the ability to suspend in the middle of its scripting. (AS3 Port) (AS2)

eval() for Actionscript 3:

AS3 Commons Bytecode:
AS3Commons-bytecode is an open-source library providing a ABC bytecode parsing and publishing and bytecode based reflection API for ActionScript 3.0.

XML to ActionScript(asXML):

TinyBasicAS: Flex version of TinyBasic

Java runs in Flash-Waba VM Alchemy:

The brainfuck programming language interpreter:


Parse and evalutate Haxe expressions. Haxe script is a complete subset of the Haxe language.

Simplified JavaScript interpreter:
A JavaScript interpreter you can embed in your Flash ActionScript 3 projects. Can parse and execute most JavaScript and support async "await" statement that pauses the VM until a Promise is fulfilled.

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