Thursday, April 24, 2014

Free JavaScript Obfuscators

A List of Free JavaScript Obfuscators Compressors, Packers, Encryptors, Protectors, Optimizers!

A free and efficient obfuscator for JavaScript (including ES6):

Web based tool to protect JavaScript code from stealing and shrinks size:

JavaScript Obfuscator - JS Packer:

Convert human readable javascript to a more shrouded code:

ObfuscateJS - Javascript Obfuscator:

Inline JavaScript Obfuscator:
JavaScript Obfuscator, Minifier, and Packer:

YUI Compressor by Yahoo:

JavaScript Utility:

A JavaScript Compressor, version 3.0:


Javascript Obfuscation and Compression: 

Free online javascript and html obfuscator:


Free online html/js obfuscator:

JSMin - The JavaScript Minifier:

HaxMin - JavaScript obfuscator, powered by Haxe, intended for use with Haxe-generated JavaScript code:

JavaScript minification:

The impressive js segment compiler:

A JavaScript optimizer by Google:

A JavaScript optimizer by Facebook (update on 2017/5/4):

Want to test the results? Try the following de-obfuscator (Via

A review and how to combine the power of multiple obfuscators:

Code Protection and Packaging for Node.js Projects with JXCore:

JS & CSS Minifier:


Feel free to share your tools/opinions in the comments!


  1. you can try this free online service to obfuscate javascript, it's using Yui compressor tool.

  2. I'm really linking this javascript obfuscator, which is open source and can lock your code so it runs on only one specific domain.

    1. Great tool! Thank you for sharing this link!