Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alchemy v0.5a Installation Notes

Got a new notebook, so I will post some notes for future reference. Here is the one for Adobe Alchemy,

Environment: Windows 7.
Official Instructions:

1. Go to, download the "setup.exe" and install cygwin (to C:\cygwin) with the following packages:
zip (archive), gcc-g++, make (devel), perl.

2. Downloaded alchemy package at,
unzip it to D:\alchemy-cygwin-v0.5a.

3. Open Cygwin Terminal, input the following commands:
cd D:\alchemy-cygwin-v0.5a

4. Test alchemy with the commands to build the sample files:
source /cygdrive/d/alchemy-cygwin-v0.5a/alchemy-setup
cd D:/alchemy-cygwin-v0.5a/samples/HelloFlash
gcc HelloFlash.c -O3 -Wall -swf -o HelloFlash.swf


cd D:/alchemy-cygwin-v0.5a/samples/stringecho
gcc stringecho.c -O3 -Wall -swc -o stringecho.swc

It works and successfully generated the swf and swc files!

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