Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bengine Race – the first game powered by Bengine released!

Objective: Drive to the destination as quickly as possible, be careful of holes on the ground and avoid crashes into the walls and road-blocks.
Tips: You can use three skills when needed.

Max speed (key Z) can save your time by increasing your speed.

Max armor (key X) will let you destroy walls and create a short cut to the destination.

Max power (key C) can enable you to fly over blocks and holes.

Always remember to switch between these skills and you will find the game easier and more interesting.

And when the skills are used up, you can

move back to recharge speed,

hit the walls to exchange life for power,

and fly to gain armor.





W/up: move forward

S/down: move back/recharge speed

A/left: turn left

D/right: turn right

Q: look down

E: look up


Z: max speed(speed*2)

X: max armor(to destroy walls)

C: max power(to fly)


Space: fly

Enter: pause game


It is an experimental game. A simple “proof of concept” demo. There are many bugs.
I didn’t spend much time on the game design because my time went to the engine.
I think the interesting part is to freely explore the voxel world. Yes, just forget the time meter and the objectives! Try to go to a higher place with the flying skill, or do some destructions using the max armor skill.

Well, I think I should thank Ken Silverman for his handy tools slab6 and poly2vox.
These tools are useful when I was editing my voxel game map.
And Ken’s voxlap engine is the inspiration and motivation for me to create Bengine.
Also, thanks to Bit101, you may realized, the game UI is created by his minimalcomps library.
Finally, flashkit and sfxr for the sound effect and many other free online resources/codes I used for the game!
Next time I will give you more details on the engine and plans for the next game power by Bengine v0.2 – Blaze.

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