Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free SWF Encryptor, Obfuscator and Protectors!

1. Makc3d's open source SWF obfuscator written in AS3 (WTFPLv2):

2. SOB: Open Source SWF Obfuscator.
Can replace the strings in the SWF/ABC string table with random strings.
Source Code (C):

3. Action Script 3 Obfuscator: Python script that takes in a single .as file and makes it hard to decipher.

4. SWF File Obfuscator:
Source Code:

5. SWFLOCK: Online service to do domain lock, trial period and password protection, now free.

6. Flash Protection Gold: Packing, domain locking and can add preloaders for your swf, now free.

7. Flash Free Protection: A free tool that protect your flash files.

8. OBFU: A Flash Action Script obfuscator:
This software is really outdated, but its source code (C, GPL) may be useful. The junk opcodes insertion method is the classical way for cheating decompilers.

9. Actionscript Obfuscator: Flasm based, for AS1,2 only.

10. Actionscript Source Obfuscator:
Obfuscates multiple Actionscript 3.0 source files by remaning all that can be renamed.

11. Flasturbate:
A open source SWF obfuscator based on RABCDAsm.


1. Способы «защиты» flash-приложений
(Ways to «protect» flash-applications, in Russian.
Try Google Translate!)

2. Pack a SWF:

3. Junk instructions insertion method explained:

4. [Tutorial] Applying ROT128 Encryption On Embedded/Module SWFs:

5. [Tutorial] Domain Locking SWFs and Preventing SWFs From Running Locally:
FusionLock – Simple SiteLock AS3 package:

6. Anti-Cheat Methods
Keep the CheateEngine out of your Flash Online Games:
Secure Your SWF Files Against the Cheat Engine:

7. An Introduction to SWF Obfuscation:

8. Advanced protection of Adobe AIR content:

9. More:


  1. Hey, great links dude! very useful!

  2. A new free and open source one was recently release. Check the link for usage and license details.

  3. +1 for swflock (just did one test with an online decompiler and the code was not shown)