Friday, March 23, 2012

The List of Open Source MineCrafts

MineCraft will be open source someday in the future (
"Once sales start dying and a minimum time has passed, I will release the game source code as some kind of open source. I'm not very happy with the draconian nature of (L)GPL, nor do I believe the other licenses have much merit other than to boost the egos of the original authors, so I might just possibly release it all as public domain. "

But for now, enjoy this list of open source MineCraft alternatives!

1. Manicdigger
"Manic Digger is a public domain 3d block-building game similar to Minecraft."
Features: Infinite world, Rails, Crafting, Shadows, Multiplayer
License: Public Domain
Language: C#

2. Opencraft:
OpenCraft is an alternative Minecraft server, providing more advanced features than the official distribution.
Features: Scripting, griefing preventation
License: BSD
Language: Java

3. Minedroid:
Features: Work with a touchscreen interface
License: New BSD
Language: Java

4. Infiniminer:
Features: multiplayer
License: MIT
Language: C#

5. Minetest-c55:
Features: Survival mode, creative mode, multiplayer, dynamic lighting, almost infinite world, Infinite map generator
License: GPL
Language: C++

6. TechCraft:
Features: Minecraft style terrain engine
License: Ms-PL
Language: C#

7. ArdorCraft:
Features: API to build new types of blockworld games
License: MIT
Language: Java

8. Terasology (Blockmania):
Features: Procedural terrain generation, efficient rendering
License: Apache 2.0
Language: Java

Finally, this one is not open source, but you can't miss it! on voxlap engine)
"It's the best bits of Minecraft crossed with the fast-paced shooter gameplay of Team Fortress."
Features: Dynamic lighting, 32 players battling, CTF or Territory Control game modes
License: Closed Source
Language: C/C++

Ace of Spades is now a commercial game, but we have
9. Iceball: Open Source Version of Ace of Spades!

10. Minecraft in Blender: Minecraft like in the Blender Game Engine.


Crafty (C++)

Craft (C)

Voxel.js (JavaScript, BSD)

Voxeliq (C#)

Blackvoxel (C/C++, GNU GPL V3) 

CraftSaga (Unity, C++)  

AIR-based Minecraft Map Viewer (with source code):

Minecraft like games in flash:

A minecraft level render in flash:
Source Code of MCExplorer (open source minecraft map render/viewer in flash/as3):

Minecraft and WebGL:



Minicraft(update on 2013/11/15, html5 in 252 bytes with source code): (Minecraft in 900 lines of Python)

Others: to Samuel Taylor) (retro-style arcade shooter)


  1. The GPL is draconian now? Ha.
    "Here, I'm sharing this with you on the sole condition that if you use it, you agree to continue sharing it."
    "OMG NAZI!"

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  3. There is a new game called gnomescroll that is looking interesting. Its not a clone but something else. It reminds me of where Minecraft was in alpha.

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