Sunday, September 28, 2008

New demo of Z-Ground out!

This demo of my Z-Ground was half-finished about a month ago. I want to make it better so didn't let it out that time. But now I'm aware that I will be very busy for something else in the following months. Not much time for flash, so I decide to share it first. However, code is not available this time. Just be patient, all the documented sources will go public sooner or later. OK, now let's see what I am doing :

The biggest difference this demo from the old one is this swf is created by pure code, that's why it is only 7 kb! Maybe you don't believe it, what about the textures? Yes, they're generated by code! This is also a test for my texture generator engine-a small tool to generate all kinds of textures using perlin noise. The textures of cloud and sea are created by it.


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