Sunday, November 23, 2014

Open Source and Free Voxel Editors

goxel (update on 2019/Feb/12) (

A free and open source voxel editor, available on Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. This one is currently my favorite, very simple to use and has all the basic practical functions. It also supports procedural generation ( Compared with another popular software MagicaVoxel, I think this one is more suitable as a pure voxel modeling tool.

Ken Silverman's open source voxlap engine. It has a real-time WYSIWYG editor - VOXED for editing the game map.
Source Code:
see also Ken Silverman's EVALDRAW: 
and Ken Silverman's PND3D demo, an abandoned successor to the famous voxel engine Voxlap:

Strip to Voxel
A program to convert an image strip, or series of pictures in a long film strip like image, into a raw voxel model for later editing.

Slab6 & POLY2VOX
An open source 6-degree of freedom viewer and editor for KVX and VOX voxel files.
The utility POLY2VOX is a polygon to voxel model converter.
See also (Poly2Vox UNLIMITED, onverts textured .3DS files to voxels over size 256.)
and (3D mesh voxelizer).

An open source FPS game inspired by Wolfenstein 3D using Ken Silverman's VOXLAP engine to render voxels. The game package contains a animator tool for editing voxel animations.

Includes tools for VOX - a file format that describes an object built with voxels.
Source Code:

A free lightweight 8-bit voxel editor and renderer with lots of functionalities.

A cross-platform open-source voxel editor and tool chain that supports per-frame animation.
Source Code (MIT):

A voxel editor written in C#.
Source Code:
Note:  This tool seems sophisticated, however, not much information can be found about it. You may need to contact the author for more details.

Sprite Voxel Editor
Sproxel (short for "Sprite Voxel Editor") is a 3d interface designed to let the user quickly create and edit voxel-based 3d models. The creation process and resulting geometry can be thought of as an extension to 2d pixel art.
Source Code(New BSD):

Voxel Builder
Voxel Builder is an open source tool for that lets anyone design and edit 3D voxel (cube) models easily, right in their web browser.
Source Code (BSD):
Similar tools and

Cube Kingdom
Cube Kingdom is an application that can be used to create 3D models out of blocks with the same size and dimension.

VoxelDesc is a voxel editor driven by a command line with 2.5D graphics and powerful scripting.
Source Code (Artistic License version 2):

Zoxel is a voxel editor designed for small models. Like a sprite editor, but in 3D.
Source Code (GNU GPL):

VoxelShop is an extremely intuitive and powerful software for OSX, Windows and Linux to modify and create voxel objects. It was designed from the ground up in close collaboration with artists.

Simple voxel editor based on .NET framework.

Cube Construct
3D Pixel Editor for iPad with source code.
Source code:
See also

Painting in 3D with voxels in the cloud using WebGL or the Android app.

An all-3D 3D terrain editor which enables you to simply interactively draw and manipulate terrains in 3D space. Since this is not based on height fields, you can easily create steep hills, overhangs or even tunnels.

A Minecraft level editor.

Import kv6 format voxel to Minecraft.

Voxel Section Editor
Open source voxel creation and editing tool for Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun and Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 voxel files.
See also

RadED is an experimental voxel editor for Doom circa 1993.
Source Code:
See also
Note: this tool is rather old and no binary available - you need to compile for yourself.

Polygon modelling tools support sculpting (For High-Resolution realistic Voxel model creation):

The free and open source 3D animation suite also has sculpt mode:

Lite version of ZBrush, the ideal ground on which to get started with digital sculpting.

SculptyPaint is a low polygon 3D creation tool original written for creating sculpts.

SharpConstruct is a 3D modeling program designed to let users paint depth on to polygon models in real-time. Unlike traditional modeling programs, SharpConstruct makes it easy to quickly model organic shapes.
See also and FiberMesh (Designing Freeform Surfaces with 3D Curves)

Open source (GPL) 3D sculpting application that provides an intuitive workflow for Windows and Linux.

Small but powerful 3D editor for 3D concept art, fast modeling and sculpting. One great feature is 3D poly brushes, which makes 3D modeling like 2D drawing.

Sculpt+ (discontinued)
Very easy to use free 3D modeling and animation tool by Autodesk. Starting from stick figures, you can sculpt the details, paint the textures and pose your models. Available for iOS, Android and Windows.

Rocket 3F
A user-friendly 3D modeling tool which supports sculpting and mesh drawing.

Create quickly and easily your 3D head from just two 2D photos:
see also

Sketch-based shape creation & free-form modeling tool:

truesculpt (Virtual sculpture for Android)
Mathematical models: 
2D/3D free generative art application:

MeshMixer: and
Voxel Paint in 3D with Oculus VR: (Free, WebGL based)



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